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[February 3rd, 2023] The WORLDWIDE PREMIER  of: Sonoma County Climate  2050

What you will see is a 25 minute video featuring Dr. Emily Schoerning from American Resiliency.

I asked her to do the research using the US Government’s resources to show what Climate change is expected to happen here.  In discussions amongst people in our community, I narrowed the focus of this video to the five questions that I found had  the most common interest. In 2050 in Sonoma County, will there be fires, will there be fog, how much heat, how much water, and what’s gonna be growing here. I also asked a bonus question and the bonus question is…

… Where can we go right now to look at the climate of Sonoma County in 2050? Where in the world is that climate right now? What are they growing, and how are they living?

-Lawrence Jaffe

Resources noted in the video

groundwater sustainability plan.

adaptation partners.

RCP4.5 Climate Model

There are more modeling resources found in the video that we haven’t yet posted the links here.

download session flier (pdf)

Send any questions to

Additional Climate Adaptation resources

Climate Hazard Exposure

Impacts of Climate Change on People and Sectors

Potential Actions for Resilience and Adaptation

  • The Adaptation Capability Advancement Toolkit Opens in new Window. helps local governments understand what barriers they face and capabilities they possess in terms of pursuing climate adaptation. The toolkit also helps them identify how to overcome such barriers and opportunities for building their capability.
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