Sebtown Climate Readiness

Resources for Emergency preparedness in Sebastopol California. Primarily in preparation for the impacts of wildfires that are occuring more frequently and more intensely due in part to Climate Change. These include: home defense, smoke due to wildfires, power outages (PSPS – Public Safety Power Shutoff), and supporting others.


Click on the links to open resource in a new browser tab.

Smoke and Fire Maps, updated every hour, from CalFire & National Wildfire Coordinating Group. This map is very useful, with data from satellites and other sources, updating the map every hour. It includes smoke which most of the other maps do not. This map can also be zoomed out to look at fires throughout the US.

Alert Wildfire: A network of cameras that provide real-time data. Designed to alert firefighters to new fires, monitor status, help inform evacuations, and observe contained fires for flare-ups. Operated by a consortium of 3 Universities: Univ of Nevada Reno, UC San Diego, and Univ of Oregon.

CPUC Fire Map. showing Risk areas. Reference this map to see if you’re eligible for extra assistance from PG&E and other agencies providing fire preparedness tools.

Sonoma County Fire Incident Map.

PG&E Electrical Outage Maps. These maps show the range of where an outage is occurring and an estimate of when power will be restored.


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