Sebastopol Bike Infrastructure

Improving safe routes for urban bicycling is an important piece of developing a thriving bike culture in Sebastopol. This page houses links to the Bike Master Plan and various projects, some of which have been implemented, and others waiting for the right time.

Project Plans for improvements to come

Mill Station Rd + Ragle Rd + Bodega Ave

This route involves both Sonoma County and City of Sebastopol. In 2018 Lynda Hopkins (County Supervisor) and Sarah Gurney (City of Sebastopol councilwoman and former mayor) collaborated to host a public workshop for design input. W-Trans transportation Consultants were involved in the design work. Funding was applied for and denied (2018). [PDF to June 2018 workshop announcement and route map]

PDF of Presentation of options at June 6, 2018 Workshop.

Sebastopol to Petaluma Bike Trail

[Feb 2018] The Petaluma Sebastopol Trail Feasibility Study was initiated by Sonoma County Regional Parks and Sonoma Ecology Center. This trail would help provide a safer alternative to riding on Hwy 116 and encourage more bike travel on this corridor.

[PDF Feasibility Study Feb 9, 2018. 34 MB]

Link to SoCo Parks Project Page

Article in Sonoma West [Feb 1, 2018]

Additional Resources

Sebastopol Bike Master Plan.

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