SCC23: Walking Tour of Solar Sites. Sebastopol [June 29th, 2023]


This Walking Tour took place on July 29th 2023. Tor recorded it thereafter and it is posted as a Youtube video below.

Happy Summer!  Join me on this 3.5 mile walking tour of intriguing solar sites in the City of Sebastopol.  

Solar Cells* magically convert sunlight into electricity with no moving parts – providing clean power to a wide variety of applications. 

One of the first solar electric panels installed in Sebastopol was in the Town Plaza – a single panel on a pole designed to charge electric scooters.  It’s still there!  In the early 2000s the Solar Sebastopol group emerged to facilitate installations on many city buildings including the Fire & Police Stations. Over the years since, a variety of solar systems have been installed on schools, homes, and public places around town.  They each have a story behind it.

I’ll lead this walk visiting a diverse mix of ‘solar’ locations and share stories of how they came to be, related policies, and how they are working today.  

Our walk included Analy High School to the North and the Sun Dragon array in the south and sites in between, approximately 3.5  miles total

*Solar Cells aka Photovoltaics, PV, Solar Panels, Solar Modules.

This event is part of Sebastopol Walks, a 15 year tradition of exploring the City of Sebastopol through different themes.


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