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All Sebastopol Carbon Conversations are held at the Sebastopol Grange unless otherwise noted.
All Conversations start at 7pm with doors open at 6:30pm, unless otherwise noted.
After the event, recordings and other resources will be accessible via the Archives page.
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The Fall 2023 Series is now up. with Bikes, Compost and Water Resiliency our focus.

Fall 2023 Series – Composting as a Climate Solution


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November 1st – Water Resiliency – Climate Change is impacting our traditional water supply – groundwater and the Russian River Watershed.  We now see lots of Winter Water in the form of Atmospheric Rivers, followed by long periods of drought.  We’ll share how Sonoma Water is adapting to the impacts of climate change with a goal of continuing to provide a reliable water supply to Sonoma County. We’ll also learn how the City of Sebastopol is adapting their well water system to these changes.

Archived from Spring 2023

Forecasting What Sonoma County Climate looks like in 2050, Rainwater Cisterns, Electrify Your Home, Campus Climate Connections, and Drive Electric, were themes shared Winter/Spring 2023. Check the archives for recordings and additional resources for each topic.

Scenes from the Bikes as Transport Carbon Conversation in September 2023

Sebastopol Carbon Conversations is organized by The Rahus Institute and hosted by the Sebastopol Grange. The series takes a closer look at the many solutions for reversing global warming as presented in Project Drawdown and other sources. We’ll learn from local organizations that are working on Climate solutions in agriculture, renewable energy, reducing waste, empowering women, transportation, building design, carbon sequestration, and more. Through this exploration, we’ll discover where we each can take small to large steps and help shape a better future.

What you and I can do about Climate Change. Finding our role in shaping the future.

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