SCC: Spring 2023


All Sebastopol Carbon Conversations are held at the Sebastopol Grange unless otherwise noted.
All Conversations start at 7pm with doors open at 6:30pm.
After the event, recordings and other resources will be accessible via the Archives page.
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April 5th. Electrify your Home. The Shift to Clean Energy starts at Home.

Burning fossil fuels for heating and cooking poses a serious threat to our health and the planet — making buildings and homes the largest source of climate pollution in the world. Here in California, buildings are second only to transportation as the leading cause of climate change.

At this Carbon Conversation we’ll hear from Building Decarbonization expert Sean Armstrong of Redwood Energy about products and strategies for electrification that work. In addition to eliminating methane pollution, improving comfort, and stabilizing your energy bills, electrifying homes combined with a clean energy electrical grid helping achieve carbon reduction goals.  We’ll learn what is possible, why do this, share examples & strategies, how to pay for it, energy savings, and where to get help to do it. Several Local residents will also share their experience with electrification.

Various financial incentives, coupled with technology and strategies that work, make 2023 the year to electrify your home and decarbonize your indoor environment. 

Pre Carbon Conversation Reading material – The Pocket Guide to All Electric Retrofits of Single Family Homes [Redwood Energy]
7pm @ Sebastopol Grange FLIER PDF

May 3rd: Campus Climate Connections

Climate education continues to evolve.  Most schools are still trying to figure out how best to include Climate Change and Climate Action as part of the regular curriculum. Some continue to ignore it completely.  At this session, we’ll hear from local educators and students about actual Climate projects and activities emerging on local campuses. 

Noa Schwartz, a junior at Analy High School and founder of non-profit organization Teach Climate and Redefine It (TCRI), will share about TCRI efforts to teach climate to younger students at area schools and other initiatives they have organized.  Noa, and friends, will also share about a variety of climate connected activities that AHS school clubs and classes are engaged in this school year. 

Dan Karbousky, an instructor at Sonoma Academy, will share about the Idle Free School project initiated at the school last year. The project started with a student group observing the routine practice of (gas) vehicles idling in front of the school while waiting to pick up students. Dan will share how they collected and analyzed data, crafted a policy and educational plan, and observations on implementation.  Information for establishing an Idle Free School at your school will also be shared. 

7pm @ Sebastopol Grange (Doors open at 6:30pm)

Flier [pdf]

Sebastopol Carbon Conversations is a forum hosted by The Rahus Institute and Sebastopol Grange.  The series takes a closer look at the many solutions for reversing global warming as presented in Project Drawdown and other sources.  We’ll learn from local organizations that are working on Climate solutions in agriculture, renewable energy, reducing waste, empowering women, transportation, building design, carbon sequestration, and more.  The best solutions provide multiple benefits – addressing climate change while helping us to adapt and thrive.  Through this exploration, we’ll discover where we each can take small to large steps, help shape a better future, and remember to enjoy the day.

What you and I can do about Climate Change. Finding our role in shaping the future.

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