Rahus Programs

Through our Solar Schoolhouse K12 educational program, we’ve provided solar energy education resources for teachers throughout the country over the past 20 years…learn more.
Climate Solvers is a solutions-journalism curriculum. Students learn to evaluate climate solutions, research about people and organizations that are implementing these solutions, conduct interviews, and craft a new article. …Learn more.
Sebastopol Carbon Conversations is a series of presentations organized and facilitated by The Rahus Institute, initiated in Fall of 2019.  SCC utilizes Project Drawdown’s extensive list of climate solutions to inspire closer exploration of local people and organizations working on those solutions. … Learn more
Teach Climate SoCo [Sonoma County] is a network of local teachers sharing strategies and curriculum for teaching about climate change and particularly climate solutions…. Learn More
The Watt Trekker web-based video series focuses on promising energy solutions for the future… learn more.
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