life with PJ….

March 22, 2017: P plays baritone horn with So Pugent Sound CC/Evergreen JAZZ Band.

March 16, 2017: J plays percussion with PSU Concert Band


Fall 2015: Jannike with SRJC Jazz Band + Analy High School Orchestra & Honor Band

0:06 SRJC Jazz Band “Take What You Need” Doug Beach
4:19 SRJC Jazz Band “Winter Ain’t What It used To Be” Felix Bernard/ Duke Ellington
7:42 SRJC Jazz Band ” ‘Round Midnight” Cootie Williams & Thelonious Monk
11:47 SRJC Jazz Band “Great Big Ball with a Map Wrapped On It” Rick Hirsch
15:50 SRJC Jazz Band “I Mean You” Thelonious Monk
19:47 Analy HS Orchestra ” Peer Gynt Suite” Edvard Grieg
32:14 Analy Honor Band “The Chronicles of Narnia” Harry Gregson Williams


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