SCC23: Campus Climate Connections [May 3, 2023]


Event Recording.


Introduction & Climate Literacy Resolutions, Teacher workshops, etc.

Slides for Tor’s Presentation [pdf] This includes an Introduction, and information about Climate Literacy Resolutions, Climate Literacy guides, Climate Education laws. Note that Nancy wasn’t able to attend but Tor shared most of the resources @ Climate Literacy.

Climate Related Project survey of Analy High School

Slides for Noa Schwartz and Maida Thompson’s presentation [PDF] – a Window Into Analy HS (climate related projects)

Idle Free School

Slides for Dan Karbousky and Athena Ryan Presentation. [SLIDES] This includes information about the Idle Free School project at Sonoma Academy. Contact Dan at with any questions about replicating this project at your school.

Click on this link to view the 7 minute video made by Sonoma Academy Students in 2022.


School Board Climate Action Resolutions passed in ~ 2018. Many in Sonoma County. Largely haven’t done anything with regard to climate literacy/education…yet.

Climate Literacy Resolutions. [From Nancy Metzger-Carter @ Sonoma Academy/School for Climate Action]

1. Participation through public comment is needed to help the federal government define climate literacy.

Students and teachers can contribute to Climate Literacy updated principles through NOAA (comments through May 31st, 2023). 

  1. Help NOAA define climate literacy. Submitting your comments is super important! 

2. Pass a Climate Literacy Resolution in your school district.

Check out our replication guide to help you with step-by-step instructions.

3. Share our campaign to gather support for climate education at the federal level by sharing this link: Tell Congress: Support Youth Mental Health and Access to Climate Education

4. Resources on climate ed in the US: Climate Education in the U.S.: Where It Stands, and Why It Matters and the Yale Communications on Climate fact sheets consistently show it is the most supported climate policy in the US: Climate Opinion Factsheets – Yale Program on Climate Change Communication


Schools 4 Climate Action (Sonoma County) – We are a non-partisan, grassroots, youth-adult campaign with a mission to empower schools to speak up for climate action. We advocate for elected officials to combat the climate crisis in order to protect current and future generations.

Teach Climate and Redefine It (TCRI) – Noa’s non-profit. T.C. R. I. is a youth-led, youth-run 501(c)(3) with a mission of providing knowledge and advice on what youth can do to combat our climate crisis.


350 Sonoma – Our co-sponsor for the event. Founded in 2012 by Sonoma County residents, 350 Sonoma engages our community in the work of, the worldwide organization founded by Bill McKibben, and other local actions to demand action to restore atmospheric CO2 to safe levels.

Our co-sponsor for the event, funded, in part, by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors/Sonoma County Supervisor Susan Gorin.

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