SCC23: Bikes as Transport [Sept 06, 2023]


Event Recording.

Interviews at the Cycle Showcase.

Recording of Presentations (the presentations were not video recorded but PDFs of the presentations are posted below)



Slides for Tor’s presentation, [PDF] Introduction, Sebastopol Bike Resources, brief history of bike infrastructure improvements and plans in Sebastopol

Sarah Hadler (Safe Routes to School) [PDF] Brookhaven MS, Parkside ES, and Sebastopol Charter School

Dana Turrey & Eleanor Leshner (Active Transportation Plan) [PDF]

Additional Links and Resources

Sonoma County Transportation Authority. Active Transportation Plan Update Resource Page – option for signing up for updates. interactive maps, surveys, Project lists.

Sonoma County Parks .[from Ken Tam 20230825]

Per the County General Plan, Regional Parks is responsible for developing and maintaining the off-street bike paths (aka Class I bike path or Class I shared use path). Sonoma County Transportation and Public Works Department (now known as Sonoma Public Infrastructure) is responsible for developing and maintaining the on-street bike paths such Class II bike lanes, Class III bike route, and Class IV bikeway.

With that said, the planned development of new off-street bike paths are listed in the Sonoma County Five Year Capital Improvement Plan 2022-2027. This document can be viewed and downloaded from the following web page When you open the document, please go to page C3 which provides an overview of Regional Parks Department. The Parks projects start on page C10. I recommend that you do a word search for “trail” to find trail projects.

More planned off-street bike path projects are listed in 2010 County Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan which can be viewed and downloaded from the following web page


Bike Sebastopol – local citizen group advocating for a bike-friendly Sebastopol. Follow this link to learn more and join in.

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